I was googling on the googles over the weekend and came across a story where Paul McCartney said the inspiration for the Beatles song, “Let it Be,” was about a dream he had during a difficult period in his life. His mom, Mary, had died of cancer when Paul was 14 years old. She came to him in a dream and told him, “It will be all right, just let it be.”

Which of course got me thinking about my own mom. And how fortunate I’ve been to have her in my life for 47 years. At the same time, I feel a tremendous amount of love for those who’ve lost their moms much too early in life. I hope they too can visit with their moms again and feel blessed to have that same kind of dream.

Much has been written about moms but probably not nearly enough. I don’t know much about a lot of things in this world. I don’t understand how Silly Putty can copy a cartoon from a newspaper, how people can still choose cake over pie and why the American League instituted the designated hitter.

But this I know. Life is too damn short, and the world needs our moms as long as we can have them.

Especially mine.

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